L-R, Anson Mount, Isla Fisher, Jim Parsons in Blumhouse’s thriller ‘Visions’ Image:


Blumhouse will be releasing in 2016 it’s new horror thriller, Visions, starring Isla Fisher, Anson Mount, Jim Parsons and Eva Longoia.   Get a first look at some scenes from the film, first published in Russia’s website.

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Visions is about a young pregnant woman who moves to her vineyard to be with her husband.  Shortly after she moves she begins to experience terrifying visions.  Parsons plays Dr. Mathieson,who treats the young pregnant woman played by Fisher.  Is he a good doctor or evil?

Directed by Kevin Greutert, the film was written by L.D. Goffigan and Lucas Sussman and is produced by Jason Blum and Matthew Kaplan.

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Other notable cast members include Gillian Jacobs, Joanna Cassidy, Bryce Johnson, Jeff Branson, Robert ‘Sanz’ Sanchez, and Michael Villar.

Visions was filmed in Agoura and Los Angeles, California.

No specific release date has been set other than 2016 for the United States and other foreign markets, yet it is set to have it’s first release in Singapore September 17, 2015.  See the trailer:

Jim Parsons as Dr. Mathieson in Blumhouse’s thriller ‘Visions’ Image:

Isla Fisher and Jim Parsons in Blumhouse’s thriller ‘Visions’ Image:


Mysterious Hooded character in Blumhouse’s thriller ‘Visions’ Image:






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