And so it begins!  Production of Season 9, Episode 2 Begins – Brand new Season, Premiere Episode!

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Title of the EpisodeThe Separation Oscillation

Short Summary:

Leonard has a nightmare (fans will too from the sound of it) and it leads him to reconcile with Penny.  They manage to consummate their marriage and are given a sweet gift from Sheldon.   Sheldon in the meantime is not making great inroads with Amy.  If anything, he may have made them a whole lot worse for a possible reconciliation.

Press Release:


The Separation Oscillation” – Leonard confronts the woman he kissed on the North Sea in an attempt to set Penny’s mind at ease. Also, Sheldon films a special episode of “Fun with Flags” after his breakup with Amy, and Bernadette feels guilty about withholding a secret from Penny, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Monday, Sept. 28 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

CHEAT TWEET: Sheldon tries to retaliate at Amy using ‘Fun with Flags’ #Season9 @BigBang_CBS 9/28 8pm


Johnny Galecki


Jim Parsons


Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting


Simon Helberg


Kunal Nayyar


Mayim Bialik


Melissa Rauch



Melissa Tang


WRITTEN BY: Steven Molaro, Steve Holland, Tara Hernandez

TELEPLAY BY: Chuck Lorre, Jim Reynolds, Maria Ferrari

DIRECTED BY: Mark Cendrowski



Wish to be Spoiled?

This article will chronicle The Big Bang Theory, Season 9, Episode 2 production week from table read to tape night. We will include anything from tweets and Instagram posts from producers, cast, & crew while on set or fans who say they are going to the taping as well as any press. Items like the press release, pics, promo, etc…will be posted in posts by themselves so you can find them with ease.

Enjoy looking through our coverage of the premiere being taped. We will do this for every episode taped from here on so keep looking for more posts similar to this.

Promo & Sneak Peeks-

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August 12, 2015  – TABLE READ


Olaf. Keeping us safe since 2007. Thanks to Kevin for ruining our badass picture. #photobomb #WBsecurity

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Love doing proofreading @groknation . Still finding typos. That's ok. I'm not perfect!

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August 13, 2015 – REHEARSAL/BLOCKING

@richardjoliver did this piece that hangs in our executive producers @stevemolaro 's office. It's so beautiful!

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Even while rehearsing, the cast are always busy with outside activities! Not to mention some throwback photos!

TBT 2013 — I miss fat Leonard and Raj! #moretolove

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#TBT to me and a super creepy "Annie" doll

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August 14, 2015 – REHEARSAL/BLOCKING

Feels good to be this close to the dark side sometimes.

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Take your pup to work day! (Not really. I smuggled her onto the studio lot and she is currently hiding in my offices.) I owe @normancook profoundly for the last six years of love and friendship. Please see #verarose's story below. #pals Photo cred: @corymichaelwood "This is Vera and her story is amazing. 6 years ago, I found her in a cardboard box on the corner of Hollywood and Highland. I brought her home and forced @sanctionedjohnnygalecki (ok – not forced, he had to pry her from my hands) to adopt her. Anyway, he did and I received a visit from her today!!! As you can see, she spent time with my dog Zeus and Norman and she is still Johnny's little love to this day – love this story!!!" – @normancook

A post shared by Johnny Galecki (@sanctionedjohnnygalecki) on


#ballers @billnye #tbbt #backstageantics

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August 18, 2015 – LIVE TAPING



Photobombing my buddy and partner in (acting) crime @therealjimparsons

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There will be no taping report for this episode.   The teaser above is all there is available.


Promotional Photos

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